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    Blockchain and Love

    Why is important to consider love in our blockchain solutions? At the end of May I spoke at the Heartland Festival in Denmark on the topic of Blockchain – Future questions of trust? I was on a panel with Fritz Henglein who spoke more to the technical aspects of blockchain. I spoke to the social aspects and examples I already knew of in development which will contribute to an increasing happiness by reducing administrative friction, to strengthening communities by simplifying value ex...

    October 17, 2018

    What does trust mean to you?

    I’ve just finished a piece on Blockchain and Love, and in it I reference an old irish proverb I came across earlier this year.“When mistrust comes in, love goes out.”In the writing of that piece, I realised I really needed to get curious on what Trust means. What does it mean to trust a person, a process, a product? When you break it down, it’s not actually the “thing” that we trust, but it’s behaviours, performance and actions that sway us one way or the other. It’s tied into ou...

    October 17, 2018

    Love as a motivator for looking after our planet

    Recently I have been considering the role of love as a motivator for the level of engagement and commitment required to the changes necessary to ensure we have an environment and society worth living in for future generations.Love is such a BIG word and it can mean so many things depending on the situation. This short piece is to encourage you to consider what does Love mean to you as a motivator for protection.We protect what we loveIt’s hard to love something you do not know.It’s hard to k...

    October 17, 2018

    The act of self forgiveness, supported by nature.

    Forgiveness is a concept that I associate with my catholic upbringing and it is only just recently that I have really had cause to come to understand its true value and how to apply it.  The last six months have been an accelerated personal growth phase for me. The voice generated by #metoo had stirred up many a memory of things that I had “swept under the carpet” and the resurfacing of old wounds, particularly around a theme of betrayal were showing up in ways that were not of service ...

    September 18, 2018

    Listening to Nature

    In 1996 I experienced my first eleven-day nature retreat in Crestone, Colorado, with John P. Milton, founder of the Way of Nature. Up until then I had spent a lot of time outdoors, having grown up on a farm in Southland, New Zealand, and then through the joys of white-water kayaking, mountaineering and other adventure sports. The outdoors was my recreation nirvana and while I knew it rejuvenated me, it was not a what I consider a conscious knowing. Nor did I really have the sort of gratitude for...

    September 17, 2018

    Emotional Bruising in the work place.

    A friend was in a river rafting accident that resulted in both a compression fracture coupled with a spiral twist break of his leg. The bruising was so great that he had to wait nearly 2 weeks for the swelling to subside enough before having the necessary operations. Not long after this I experienced what I call emotional bruising in the work place. The two events occurred close enough for me to make a connection. Emotional bruising is a real thing, just like physical bruising. And sometimes the...

    November 23, 2016

    Finding my purpose

    On Monday this week, I went to an event at Comvita’s premises in the Bay of Plenty hosted by The Natural Step:Surfing Both Waves to Success. The theme was Doing Well by Doing Good and there were three inspirational speakers, Alan Bougen (Comvita), Nik Gregg (Sustainability Options) and Andrew Coker (Priority One). At the end, one of the audience asked each speaker for one piece of advice. It was Alan Bougen’s “find your purpose” that resonated with me. I have bee...

    June 17, 2016

    The Relaxation Unchallenge 21 – 30 Nov 2014

    The idea for this blog started earlier this year, however moving our life of 4 years in Santa Monica back to New Zealand was a big transition. Being now somewhat settled in the stunning Mt Maunganui, Bay of Plenty, it’s become time to get on with some of these ideas that had taken a back seat. This being one of them.About 6 weeks ago I connected with Andres Roberts via Skype, a fellow student of John Milton’s, to discuss our common vision of sharing our own experiences and vis...

    November 19, 2014

    Relaxation as a State of Being

    his time a year ago I had the amazing experience of being in a Relaxed State for about 6 weeks. 6 weeks you say? Did I get anything done during this time? Yes, this period included my ongoing role of mother and chief organiser in our household, supporting my husband who travelled a lot at the time, the craziness of Halloween and the general holiday season of that time, an international trip from USA to New Zealand for 10 days for all of us, getting a terrible flu and looking after a sick child. ...

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