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    Finding my purpose

    On Monday this week, I went to an event at Comvita’s premises in the Bay of Plenty hosted by The Natural Step:Surfing Both Waves to Success. The theme was Doing Well by Doing Good and there were three inspirational speakers, Alan Bougen (Comvita), Nik Gregg (Sustainability Options) and Andrew Coker (Priority One). At the end, one of the audience asked each speaker for one piece of advice. It was Alan Bougen’s “find your purpose” that resonated with me. I have been reflecting on my own purpose, how do I know it, and how does it manifest.

    My Purpose

    Finding my purpose
    Requires connection
    Supported by ritual.

    Calling myself back from dreamtime
    Breathe, breathe
    Gently, slowly,
    Allowing my spirit to seep into every nook and cranny of my body.
    Connected spirit and body, I am ready to get up.I hear the door open so I pause.
    My son sneaks in for a good morning snuggle.
    Connected with my son, our morning flows with ease.

    Now for my cup of tea.
    I’m really not worth talking to before my cup of tea – at least the first one.
    The cast iron pot must be warmed first, then the cup
    Pour the boiling water onto the long loose tea leaves
    Allowing just enough time for brewing
    The flavor seeps into the water
    And the warmth flows into my body.
    As I start my second cup
    My husband joins me for a few minutes if he is around.
    We may talk, or not.
    The intent is to simply take time to connect.
    To take each other “in”.
    Connected with my husband, misunderstandings are fewer
    Annoyances are less.

    After school drop off
    I go to the beach.
    Sitting on the sand
    Back against a washed up log
    Face and body soaking up the welcomed warmth of the morning winter sun.
    Settling in.
    Observing my breath.
    Vaguely aware of the gentle lap of the waves against the shore.
    More aware of the incessant thoughts, to-do lists, anxieties, worries
    Have I really got time for this?
    After a few minutes it’s as if some armour releases
    And I am connected with Nature around me.
    The sound of the waves is clearer now.
    I notice the breeze of the wind against my body
    From the south west. I wonder if it will rain today.
    After a while I stand and start the gentle movement of Tai Chi.
    From this place of stillness
    I am always amazed at what bubbles up.
    Thoughts arise that seem so obvious now, previously evading me.
    Now that I am connected, clarity arises.
    My purpose is clear.
    Now I create.