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    Relaxation as a State of Being

    his time a year ago I had the amazing experience of being in a Relaxed State for about 6 weeks. 6 weeks you say? Did I get anything done during this time? Yes, this period included my ongoing role of mother and chief organiser in our household, supporting my husband who travelled a lot at the time, the craziness of Halloween and the general holiday season of that time, an international trip from USA to New Zealand for 10 days for all of us, getting a terrible flu and looking after a sick child. The world seemed so different to me from that place – relationships were easy, I was much less irritable, life was good. Nothing seemed to phase me that much. It wasn’t until I backed into someone in a car park (a lack of presence in that moment) that I got jolted out of the state I’d been in – and only then did I realise I’d been in it. For about 6 weeks! It occurred after the culmination of much practice and several amazing experiences in the preceding 3 months, including a Nature Retreat with John Milton, with an emphasis on relaxation in Crestone, Colorado; nearly 12 months of training in Family Constellation therapy which had opened me up to a whole new way of being in the world, and some cranial osteopathy mid October which I believe helped open up some new pathways and was when I first entered “the zone”.  And significant breathing and relaxation practice was a part of my general routine during that period .  I have since realized that “relaxing” is not something I need to wait until the end of the day to do, the weekend, the holiday. It does not need to be combined with rest. i.e. it is no longer coupled with the idea of Rest and Relaxation. No, it is simply a way of being. And it makes everything else so much easier. Am I less stressed? – YES. Do I still get things done? – YES. Do I find that typically there is more joy in my day? – YES. Am I perfect? Hell NO!

    I’ve started this blog with the intention of sharing some of my experiences and to link to resources that I find useful – and you may too. I welcome you on my journey and may you enjoy your journey to Relaxation as a State of Being.